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Postaj  Admin on pet svi 22, 2009 12:45 pm


Obviously there are some forces that wish to put our World on fire.

Kosovo will soon have an end, and already we have to "worry" about the India – Pakistan situation. It should be extremely dangerous because both parts have atomic weapons. Naturally that they will NOT use them, because, whoever starts, is really killing him at the same time. A very different situation than bombing places from a high altitude, in order to destroy, but not be reached oneself. (I call this the War of Cowards).

If the ethnical problems of Kosovo had been in Africa, for example, the US would not have felt the urge to "help out". There, there already is chaos, so no need to provoke more of it.
Israel – Palestine, is for the moment on "stand by".

Yes, there are some negative forces working day and night to destroy in order to take over this Planet, but luckily for all of us, there also are some positive trends, which are NOT shown in the media. Nevertheless they exist, and they have the Power to quench the negative intentions.
їHow do we know these exist? Simply by the fact that Life is continuing in MOST places in a normal fashion. People still have such urges as to raise their children in the best possible way and find the time to have some fun.

Television Wars are also creating disasters, especially in American schools. Children see that the solution to any mayor problem is to bomb the area.

Over the whole world, from the moment they are born, and while still drinking mother milk, they get the shooting and killing in from their surroundings, either in real life, or through television.
In the US, the head of State is now using this crazy bombing strategy. Well, what do you want the children to think or do, when this is the example given.

For the rest of the world, today the big heroes are the big killers, etc. This is a rather sad story, as every one of us is being part of this media Power, either by watching it or by producing it. Negative news sell well, so, naturally they also are produced all over the place.

All these Wars are affecting our daily lives, so we see, that we in reality are in the age of THE WAR OF THE MINDS!

As my only purpose of writing is to give some clarity to what is going on, I hope that for you, dear reader, this target has been achieved.


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