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The origin of man

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The origin of man Empty The origin of man

Postaj  Mystica on sri pro 16, 2009 8:51 am


The origin of man Earth


Interlocutor: Many people that visit our website have wondered about the origin of life, especially if we are some extraterrestrial experiment.

Eon: You must not have impairment in yourselves, thinking that in every world there was an extraterrestrial origin, because one might ask, if there were no extraterrestrials, then what?

The Earth, as you call this planet, has its own beginning, as a primordial broth, a molecular crop that was forming bacteria… Suddenly a string of DNA makes a kind of electric shock and somehow comes to life. The first beings formed, that were half life and half not, were the viruses.

Why do I say half life and half not? Because to be life there must be reproduction and the virus does not reproduce by themselves. They need to penetrate another body, a bacterium or a unicellular animal, to reproduce. But if it’s understood that the viruses are animated beings, because they reproduce in another body, then they are living beings. Many chemists and many physicists of your planet take viruses as the limit of life, as being beyond life… They are wrong… Viruses are living beings because they reproduce. But Viruses are not living beings at the height of a bacterium because they have no nucleus and need another living entity to reproduce.

Well. From the primordial broth, that molecule, with a tremendous DNA chain, forms different unicellular beings… Life, by itself, tends to become more complex, because it’s done so. The Absolute is directly involved here, and not the Elohim, then certain type of life is formed with specific conditions given in each world. In this planet when that type of life was forming, it had a completely unbreathable atmosphere for you. It had a high density of carbon dioxide, sulfur and other minerals such as methane, poisonous to your current lungs.

As life grew, aquatic unicellular animals were formed, because the water was the first center of life on the planet. Then multicellular animals... plants. The earth was hostile to current life. There were great methane marshes, sulfur, where a current aquatic animal could not breathe. As time passed, more complex animals were formed, much more complex. Animals in the Precambrian, Cambrian era were formed, before your dinosaurs. We are talking about 1600 million years before your current time.

Then, that era finished and the formation of trilobites [1] started, which then became extinct – the DNA chain causes races to be extinguished –, and between 300 and 250 million years ago the great dinosaurs were formed – extinct 60 million years ago – until the anthropoids began, who already had a DNA very similar to yours and so they generated different races, until the last remaining two, the races of the Cro-Magnon and the Neanderthal, which are the ancestors of the Homo sapien ssapiens.

The race of Homo sapiens-sapiens does not extinguish entirely to the race of Neanderthal, because they coexist together for thousands of years.

Then three things happen: Firstly, the Homo sapiens-sapiens capture the Neanderthal females, and as they don’t have the same DNA they don’t engender children. Secondly, there were great battles and Homo sapiens-sapiens won to Neanderthal. This also decimated this race. And thirdly, the genetic code of the Neanderthal race was ending. The combination of these three factors caused the Homo sapiens-sapiens to continue on earth, that is, they are the actual human being.

The Homo sapiens-sapiens, since his first link, could have up to 500,000 years. But 30,000 years ago, he began having thoughts of fear which they did not understand, and just 10,000 years ago he began to think abstractly. And about 5,000 or 6,000 of your years, the first scriptures began. But before those years, they drew in the caverns. That is, they already had abstract thoughts, because drawing is an abstract thought. A being, which you call an animal, could not draw because they would not understand what constitutes a drawing.

Interlocutor: Could you synthesize the three disappearance factors of the Neanderthal race?

Eon: Firstly, they breed sterile beings, in the same way as the race horse and donkey when mating, they breed mules and the mule is sterile. Secondly, great fights for territorial powers, where Homo sapiens-sapiens, for being smarter and having more battle strategies, won the battles decimating the men of Neanderthal. They did not take their females.

And thirdly, the Neanderthal own genetic code, was already coming to an end.

Interlocutor: The picture is complete, I perfectly understood it.


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The origin of man Empty Re: The origin of man

Postaj  Mystica on sri pro 16, 2009 8:53 am


Interlocutor: The first question I have is about the origin of man on Earth. It’s a subject on which I have much confusion. What we know is that the Elohim created spirits, including human spirits…and then the spirits waited for physical bodies to evolve from viruses…

Eon: No, they did not evolve from viruses but from bacteria. In addition, the Elohim did not create "human" or "animals" or "plant" spirits, but conceptual spirits, which can incarnate in a human, a reptiloid or a plant, as long as the race has the suitable type of decoder, that is in relation to the conceptual level or discernment of the spirit. This means that a high conceptual spirit, with superior discernment, will never incarnate in an animal entity, such as a terrestrial dog, because it could not fit, since he requires a more sophisticated decoder in order to express his ideas.

What would happen then if the conceptual spirit which requires a decoder of a homo sapiens sapiens – we are talking about the Earth – incarnates in a pithecanthropus?

Interlocutor: Obviously, he would be prevented from developing his thoughts.

Eon: Correct. And nevertheless, despite that, high conceptual spirits incarnated in those primitive entities.

Interlocutor: Why did they do something so irrational?

Eon: Because the decoder in those primitive entities was developing very slowly and the spirits decided to incarnate to accelerate the evolution of that decoder and thereby generating, at the genetic level, the analytical mind.

Interlocutor: Was there some kind of pressure, I don’t know how to express this, for incarnating in those so primitive entities?

Eon: Not at all, and this is a merit of them, because nobody forced them to incarnate. At that time, the evolution of the Australopithecus and other hominid races was very slow, almost non-existent, because they were races that did not live more than twenty-five or thirty years, and were only engaged in eating, procreating and fighting among them.

Interlocutor: Then, thanks to those spirits the evolution was accelerated.

Eon: Yes. The spirits voluntarily incarnated in them, so that, through successive incarnations the race evolved.

Interlocutor: Does any other medium ever talked about this?

Eon: No, no medium on the Earth has ever talked about this. This is the first time. Even the spirits of Error of planes 2 and 3 incarnated to enjoy mating with females, and thus, although indirectly, serving the race.

Interlocutor: Therefore, can it be said that with many successive generations, man evolved and his mental decoder became more sophisticated?

EON: That's right… There was, for example, a race that lasted forty thousand years. Well, comparing it to what it was like at the beginning of those forty thousand years and how was at the end, the race progressed greatly, to such an extent that it was no longer the same, since it had evolved genetically.

Let me explain what happened to the spirit with his conceptual mind, in a decoder of 800 cm3, which had a tenth of abstract thought that the homo sapiens-sapiens have at present.

Interlocutor: I suppose that the spirit would feel like imprisoned…

Eon: Yes. Imagine if you were incarnated in an ape of today…

Interlocutor: I can imagine…

Eon: Well. But even so, those incarnated spirits did it, as I said, with the mission of helping the race to evolve. The complex conceptual spirits that incarnated at that time knew that primitive race, in the future, was going to be completely human and that they would develop in the physical plane a conceptual thought also elevated.

Interlocutor: That's clear, but... Do the Elohim only create conceptual spirits?

Eon: The Elohim create conceptual spirits and non-conceptual spirits, that is, more basic spirits, like the actual animals.

Interlocutor: Were all the spirits of any kind, then, created by the Elohim?

Eon: Yes. All spirits were created by the Elohim.

Interlocutor: Summarizing what has been said to see if I understood. The Elohim create human spirits…

Eon: The Elohim do not create "human" spirits but conceptual spirits. They don’t create "human" spirits because this designation cannot be, because today you can incarnate in a human organism and tomorrow disincarnate and then you could incarnate in a reptiloid. In that case, you're not a "human" spirit incarnated in a reptiloid, but a concept spirit who incarnated in a reptiloid organism. And you can also incarnate in any other animal or plant organism. Nothing is going to prevent it, but as long as such animals or plants have a decoder just as humans. You can even incarnate in a humanoid organism, as it did that philosopher you always name, Rah, from the planet Antares 4, who measures less than women on the planet Earth, weighs less than 40 terrestrial kilos and his DNA is not equal to DNA from here…

Interlocutor: Could a Langar, a reptiloid like locusts, disincarnate and incarnate in a terrestrial organism?

Eon: Yes, because the mental decoder is similar.

Interlocutor: That's clear, but I'm intrigued as to why could a conceptual spirit incarnate in a reptiloid or an amphibian?

Eon: Let's see. Why are there different races in the universe? There are different races in the universe because each planet has different life conditions. And sometimes those different life conditions become more favorable for an amphibious life to grow in intelligence and his decoder to flourish.

There are planets where humanoid or animal races have not flourished and it had so plant races, which initially were motionless and then began to leave their roots and through the millennia they got their own mobility and abstract thoughts.

There are planets where the plants are a thinking race to the point that their decoder is similar to that of humans. This means that there is no impairment in a conceptual spirit that incarnated in this type of organism, since he may evolve just as in a human organism.

Interlocutor: I understood. Since plants on our planet are of no use for a conceptual spirit that incarnates, but what type of decoder do they have?

Eon: The plant race on this planet has a cellular decoder. Note that if you cut a branch with scissors, and you go out and return the next day with those scissors and something to measure its reaction, you would see that when getting closer or touching the plant, the needle would mark fear. And even though, the plant does not have a developed decoder as that of humans or animals of this planet, the plant intuits, because it has a cellular decoder, although very basic, it exists.

Interlocutor: Yes, I have read about that experiment.

Eon: I continue with what I was explaining… In the different races of the universe there are thinking beings of all species, and thus, it can be found not only thinking humanoid but also thinking apes, thinking plants, and even thinking minerals.

Interlocutor: Thinking minerals?

Eon: That's right… There are planets where beings are made of silicon and also selenium, not carbon as on the Earth. If you could touch them you would feel like touching a rock. They can hardly move. They handle themselves differently. They have almost a voice, since they emit a guttural sound. They communicate by signs. Nevertheless, they can host in their organism, so to call it, a conceptual spirit…

Interlocutor: Are we always talking about of a 10% of the conceptual spirit?

Eon: Yes. It always incarnates a 10% of the spirit, nothing else.

Interlocutor: So far everything is clear… But if I am in the spiritual world, can I differentiate each “conceptual spirit” as to say, for instance, "this is the spirit of a tiger, that other is the spirit of a reptile, that one is the spirit of a plant”?

Eon: No, you could not, because the “conceptual spirits” are not human or humanoid or animals or plants, but simply “conceptual spirits”. Differentiation is only on the physical plane.

Interlocutor: I understand… As a curiosity, when I disincarnate as human, about what could I talk about with another spirit who disincarnate as a plant?

Eon: You would simply exchange experiences. Actually it's easy to understand. That conceptual spirit who incarnated as a plant would ask you: "What did you feel, being incarnated as human, when having an orgasm?" And you, in turn, would ask him: "What did you feel when you scattered the female plant all the pollen on her body with caresses” – note that since having mobility, there are male and female plants.

Interlocutor: Indeed, it would be a very interesting experience… How do plants make love?

Eon: When plants have mobility, and this is newness, they make love like this: They begin to caress, embrace, feeling like a kind of orgasm in all their leaves while the male is spreading pollen through the body of the female, until the female releases her seeds to grow new plants.

Those plant seeds are buried into the ground until the new plants are born and then they begin their mobility. To give you an idea, it's like a snake or a turtle egg that is buried in the sand until the reptile or chelonians break the egg and then they go out and walk.

Interlocutor: It’s clear… could we interchange roles?

Eon: Yes, of course. You could incarnate as a plant and the other conceptual spirit could incarnate as a human. I want to clarify that if you go to another world and incarnate as a plant, you are not going to be as a terrestrial plant, but a plant of a world where the vegetables have expression and even write poetry.

Interlocutor: Ok, suppose I disincarnate and it also does a spirit that incarnated in a chicken. I say chicken just to mention a kind of animal with "little lights". Could we communicate and exchange experiences?

Eon: No, because they are not conceptually equal spirits.

Interlocutor: But somehow, could we understand each other?

Eon: Perhaps you would understand the spirit that incarnated in a chicken, but not vice-versa, because that spirit is conceptually very basic, very elementary.

Interlocutor: Could I incarnate in a terrestrial chicken?

Eon: No, in a terrestrial chicken no, because its mental decoder is very limited. It would be like if you were locked up without being able to communicate.

Interlocutor: Being in the spiritual world, can I say, for example… "This is a spirit of Light, this is a spirit of Error, this is a spirit suited to incarnate in a chicken, this one is suitable to incarnate in an amoeba”. Specifically, can I distinguish the spirits in this way?

Eon: Yes, you can distinguish them like that.

Interlocutor: Then, there is a classification!

Eon: There is a spiritual classification for what you call in the terrestrial plane "inferior animals", a bad way to call them.

Interlocutor: Let's see if I understood: The Elohim create different conceptual spirits, from those who can incarnate in human or humanoid to those who can incarnate in a virus or an amoeba… Is that correct?

Eon: Yes.

Interlocutor: Now I see that you explained it well but I misunderstood…

Eon: When I say that your spirit can incarnate in different races we are talking about thinking races.

Interlocutor: That was clear to me… But I think at some point I asked whether there were divisions in conceptual spirits and you told me there are not…

Eon: When I said that there are no divisions, I have done it on the basis that all conceptual spirits can incarnate in all the thinking races of the universe, being humans, humanoids, animals, plants, or minerals. But always, they could incarnate in them if they have an appropriate mental decoder to fit the concepts of discernment of the conceptual spirit.

In turn, there are other lesser conceptual spirits that will incarnate in animal species that have a smaller decoder fitted to them.

And now let me give you a scoop… Do you know who is responsible for maintaining the balance and knowing in which planet must incarnate each spirit?

Interlocutor: I cannot imagine it…

Eon: The Lipikas…

Interlocutor: I had understood that the spirit had free will to choose his incarnation…

Eon: The elevated conceptual spirits can choose where, when and under what family to incarnate, and they can even choose to go through certain problems to evolve, always with the risk of involuting if they fail. But the lesser conceptual spirit of a chicken – and I mention this animal because you brought it up before – cannot choose where to incarnate because its concept is very basic. So the Lipikas sent the 10% of that spirit to incarnate, for example in the organism of a chicken.

Interlocutor: Now I understood… In animals, is there communication between the Thetan of the animal and its 10% incarnated?

Eon: Of course! Look for example a horse that is going along a path, whether with a rider or dragging a cart and it happens that the path is cut off because there is a cliff, and because of that, the animal suddenly becomes nervous many meters before reaching that cliff… How does the horse know about the danger? Because its 90% is telling that to it!

How could nobody, on the planet Earth, having seven billion incarnated human beings, thought about it?

The Thetan of the horse, although being a limited concept, is telling its 10%: "Beware that there is a cliff". And the horse stops just on the edge and saves the rider or the driver of the cart. And you attribute that to instinct!

Interlocutor: I have read those facts many times, but it was never explained like that… I continue reasoning to see if I understood… The Elohim create conceptual spirits of various kinds.

Eon: That’s correct.

Interlocutor: And also create "non-conceptual" spirits? I ask this because I want to clarify the meaning of the phrase "non-conceptual."

Eon: All spirits are conceptual to some extent, but the term "non-conceptual" is reserved for spirits with very small capacity of concept.

Interlocutor: Now I got the idea. I had a misunderstanding. Then, the spirit of a virus would be a "non-conceptual" spirit…

Eon: That’s right. Obviously, the concept that has a virus is so small that it is almost nonexistent, that is why I speak of non-conceptual spirit. A virus is almost pure instinct.

Interlocutor: That’s perfectly clear… I now turn to another question… What was the first human organism in which a conceptual spirit incarnated?

Eon: The first human organism was a race that existed millions of years ago in the middle of the continent that you call Africa. It was a quadruped animal, just a little bit more conceptual than the present monkey.

Interlocutor: Is that race registered in our books of anthropology?

Eon: No, it is not registered. It was very pre-Australopithecus.

Interlocutor: And how could we call it?

Eon: It could be called Africapithecus.

Interlocutor: I will write the term down... To conclude this matter, why could we not call the spirits apt to incarnate in human organisms "human conceptual spirits", to differentiate them, for example, from the conceptual spirits apt to incarnate in plant or animal organisms?

Eon: There would be no problem in using the term, but only if you are referring to the planet Earth. You are a human conceptual spirit because you have incarnated in a human organism, but if tomorrow you decide to incarnate on another planet as a plant in an important mission, then you're not a human conceptual spirit…

Interlocutor: You are right, it was obvious… Would it be some way to call it?

Eon: You can call it "higher conceptual spirit".

Interlocutor: OK… Is it completed this matter about the origin of man on the Earth?

Eon: Yes, with the new concepts I have given – and making a joke, because I also do jokes, since the joke, like love, are part of Creation as the star and the stone - I would tell you that "they are concepts that only God could have given you."

Interlocutor: Now, I wonder if it could be a classification number of the conceptual spirits from higher to lower… For example having ten, twenty, one hundred classifications…

Eon: One million, at least!

Interlocutor: Well, I think the issue is clarified.

[1] Trilobites appeared in the Middle Cambrian epoch and flourished throughout the lower Paleozoic era. The last of the trilobites disappeared in the mass extinction at the end of the Permian about 250 million years ago


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