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Mrtve žene Juareza Womenjuarez


Interlocutor: Now I want to move on to something very intriguing that I have scheduled, although I already suspect who are the authors. I am referring to the case that has been called "The Dead women of Juarez"

: The authors are extraterrestrials.

Interlocutor: What you tell me confirms my suspicions, but the question is if these aliens are also involved in Argentina with the disappearance of C. J., and the death of O. B. that came from Gamaria 4. I ask it because you mentioned that these aliens abduct mostly women with antisocial background, concretely with cruel vexations to their fellow men, and in the case of the dead women of Juarez there are also younger girls that due to their short age they have not had had occasion of damaging people. Besides, in ten years there were 300 victims. Are all the women in Juarez perverse?

: There are seventeen closer planets that directly observe us.

Interlocutor: What do you mean by "closer" planets?

: When I say "closer" I refer to planets located within 100 to 150 light years. Keep in mind that a Galaxy has 100.000 years light.

Interlocutor: In which way do they observe us?

: As a material of experimentation. In many cases their justifying motives are: "I make to you the same thing you made to others."

Interlocutor: Just like, for example the aliens from Gamaria 4?

: Correct, like those from Gamaria 4. But there is another type of extraterrestrials that directly work with illnesses, and they can experiment with human beings even though the DNA of the homo sapiens sapiens is different from the inhabitants of other planets.

Interlocutor: Isn’t it necessary, then that this DNA be exactly the same?

: No, it is not necessary. Notice that on Earth experiments are made with certain animals, like those of the canine race that have a very similar DNA to humans. And even with pigs that not only have a very similar DNA to humans, but rather the tissues of some of their organs can be used perfectly to replace damaged human tissues.

All of this I am absorbing it telepathically from neurologists that at this time are advising me.

Now, many people, either from Mexico as other countries of Central America, they have had sexual promiscuity. That sexual promiscuity produced sexual illnesses like gonorrhea, syphilis, etc.

These extraterrestrials, then, traffic, to say it in an understandable way, with these infected people's organs or they extract blood from them to analyse the illness, because they take advantage that here on Earth most of the sexual or urinary illnesses transmitted are treated with Penicillin by-products, but in other planets like Romarco 4, which is the place where the aliens that abduct the women in Juárez come from, they have not developed the technology to made them yet.

Interlocutor: How is their morphology?

: It is a very similar race to the humans, with hair and everything, and I highlight this because there are many races of aliens that are bald, like the Grays, the whites, etc. The aliens that come from Romarco 4 are very similar to a human.

But their DNA works different form the Homo sapiens sapiens and those Sexual transmission diseases, in spite of the advanced technology that they possess, they are not treating those illnesses in their planet and for that reason it’s decimating them. This is the main reason of their experiments.

Interlocutor: Would it be a similar problem to the one we have with AIDS?

: It is similar. As well as here on Earth, AIDS is creating havoc, in Romarco 4 a similar disease to syphilis is creating havoc. And they don't have a plant to obtain a vaccine. Then, what they do is experiment with women in Juarez, and some of them have STDs.

Interlocutor: That is to say that a common denominator of some of these dead women is that they had STDs, especially syphilis?

: That’s right.

Interlocutor: And the young girls that were abducted and mutilated?

: They also had some types of Sexual diseases, syphilis, herpes, chancre, sexual hepatitis, etc. Some of them were already working in brothels, others had promiscuous relationships directly, and things like that.

Interlocutor: Definitely they abduct mostly infected women.

: Correct.

Interlocutor: The topic was clarified, but what it’s more intriguing is the reason why they return them, although more than to return them, they throw them away somewhere, these women have clear signs of having been terribly tortured, mutilated, and even with signs of having been raped sexually and even suffocated.

: No, they were not raped at all. What happens is that they pretend that these women have been raped so that humans put the blame on terrestrials and not on them. If the investigators made an autopsy to these presumably raped women they would see that they lack of organs.

Interlocutor: Concretely, then, these aliens, although they are very similar to us, they don't use these women to abuse of them sexually. Is it right?

: It is correct; their purpose is exclusively scientific. They look for the cure of illnesses in their planet.

Interlocutor: Excuse me if I insist, but I want to be totally sure. Aren’t they somehow Sexual Psychopaths, sexual maniacs, or something like that? Isn’t there any other reason? I don’t know how to explain it better.

: I understand what you mean, but I repeat that they are scientists who are looking for the cure of their own illnesses.

Interlocutor: And why don't they practice their experiments with the women of their planet?

: Because of an issue of antibodies. Let us say that here the terrestrial vaccines generate antibodies, then they use the blood and the organs of these women to experiment.

Interlocutor: Definitely then, Could we classify them as cold scientists who don't care about the pain they cause as long as they achieve their purpose?

: In the way you say it, yes one can say that they are cold scientists.

Interlocutor: the vivisection they made it without considering the pain of their victims?

: In fact they don't practice vivisection, because they don't experiment with alive beings. But that doesn't justify them because they are playing with the other people's lives.

Interlocutor: Aren’t those aliens from Gamaria 4 sexual psychopaths either, not even a little?

: No, the abductions don't have connection with sex. But if I had to compare them with those aliens from Gamaria 4, they are worse because they consider themselves judges of the others and also their executioners.

Interlocutor: I understand the point perfectly. Will the aliens from Romarco 4 continue abducting women in Juarez?

: Possibly yes, at least as long as they don't find the cure they are looking for or realize that here they cannot find it.

Interlocutor: Is there some defense against them?

: No, there is none.

Interlocutor: so categorically?

: Correct.

Interlocutor: Does CIA know that this case has to do with extraterrestrials?

: They suspect of it. In fact they are almost sure, because one or two serial killers cannot cover so much. The fact that there are so many victims and the authors cannot be found since they operate with absolute impunity is making them have almost the certainty that it is an extraterrestrial case.

Interlocutor: I sent my extraterrestrial hypothesis to several Mexican newspapers that were in charge of the topic and I didn't receive any answer that in fact surprised me a lot.

: The extraterrestrial hypothesis you outlined, they took it as laughable.

Interlocutor: I cannot believe it! Are they so cretin that they don't see the evidence?

: That’s right. Keep in mind that most of the population is skeptical about aliens.

Interlocutor: But how can they doubt when they have a lot of evidence?

: They doubt because their Ego impels them to doubt. There is also a skeptical ego.

Interlocutor: Now I understand. How many alien races are at the moment in our planet experimenting with us?

: I have already said previously that there are 17 races, they practice vivisection with human beings and some of them also with animals.

Interlocutor: Why don’t they abduct men also?

: I don’t have the exact fact at this time, but I presume that it’s because the woman has progesterone - the man has more testosterone - and then they find easier to obtain feminine antibodies. They combine it with the progesterone produced by the woman to procreate.
Interlocutor: Apparently, nowhere in the world there are many abductions of women as in Juarez.

: What happens is that in Juarez there was a bout of infected women that the situation “fit like a glove” to the aliens from Romarco 4 ", to use an expression familiar to you, just to experiment.

Interlocutor: And the "good" aliens, I don't know how to call them, Don't they obstruct these abductions?

: No, they don’t intervene because it is an issue of free will.

Interlocutor: I understand. Many investigators erroneously have attributed the deaths of these women to “Snuff videos” that is to say where a woman is raped and tortured until she dies. But Do this kind of videos really exist? I ask it because there are more doubts than certainties.

: Yes, these videos exist.

Interlocutor: Who is behind of them?

: The Mafia!, who else? There are houses of tattoos in cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, where this kind of videos exist and they are sold very expensive.

Interlocutor: Are they truly real? I ask it because with the modern techniques one can simulate anything.

: They are real, don't doubt it! They are sold especially in the west coast of the United States.

Interlocutor: Is there something else about this?

: No, It’s not necessary to investigate more.


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