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Vrijeme - razmatranje Empty Vrijeme - razmatranje

Postaj  Admin on uto kol 11, 2009 6:50 am

Space and energy particles are necessary to have mechanical time, but what is time, basically?

Time is actually a consideration.

There is time because one considers there is time.

You must examine the physical universe very closely to discover that the reason it is always here is because it is, each particle of it, each cubic inch of space of it, in forever.

The physical universe is not moving through time, it is stuck in time.

Each and every part of it is fixed in a now which lasts forever.

We discover that time exists for the individual to the degree that the individual makes time. Time is an other-determined thing to nearly everyone alive. He depends on clocks, he depends on the rising and setting of the sun, he depends on all manner of mechanisms to tell him what is the time.

Actually the more a person is told what the time is, the more he gets into a dependency upon some other consideration, and so he drops into forever.

When he stops considering that he is making time, when he stops making time by considerations, he is dropping himself into a foreverness.

He has less and less motion, he has less and less determinism.

Time is a very insidious barrier because its apparency would tell an individual that time is created by the movement of things.

Actually it is not, it is created by a consideration that things are moving.


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Vrijeme - razmatranje Empty Re: Vrijeme - razmatranje

Postaj  Admin on uto kol 11, 2009 7:25 am

The mind is a communication and control system between the person and his environment ( okruženje ).

The mind is a network of communications and pictures, energies and masses, which are brought into being by the activities of the person versus the physical universe or other persons.

A person establishes various systems of control so that he can continue to operate a body and through the body operate things in the physical universe, as well as other bodies. Various phenomena connect themselves with this entity called the mind.

Some people closing their eyes see only blackness, some people see pictures. Some people see pictures made by body reactions. Some people see only black screens. Others see golden lines. Others see spaces.

The person receives, by the communication system called the mind, various impressions, including direct views of the physical universe. In addition to this he receives impressions from past activities and, most important, he himself ( on sam ) conceives ( zamišlja ) things about the past and future which are independent of immediately present stimuli.

The mind is not in its entirety a stimulus-response mechanism as old Marxist psychology, as once taught in universities, would have one believe. The mind has three main divisions. The first of these could be called the analytical mind, the second the reactive mind, and the third the somatic mind.

The usual residence of the person is in the skull or near the body.

A person can be in one of four conditions.

The first would be entirely separate from a body or bodies, or even from this universe.

The second would be near a body and knowingly controlling the body.

The third would be in the body (the skull) and the fourth would be an inverted condition whereby ( pri čemu ) he was compulsively away from the body and could not approach it ( i ne može mu se približiti ).

There are degrees (subdivisions) of each one of these four states (conditions).

The most optimum of these conditions, from the standpoint of man, is the second.


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